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Where I was born (나 태어난 곳)

production, animation, and sound by Jungmin Cha
04.2018, 00:04:26, 2d, color


Sitting through insufferable rush hour traffic. People smoking in public places.
Enduring pain by waxing our legs and putting on facial masks to take care of our beauty. Required company staff gatherings after work. Being pressured to drink more alcohol.
People jumping in front of cars and feigning injuries for money. Hiding cameras around
a public restroom and uploading the photos to the worldwide web.
Random, unprovoked violence by drunk people.

Through these short, humorous vignettes, one presents a critique of the diverse social issues permeating throughout South Korean culture.



(awards & screenings)

2018 Fine Cut - Best Animation Award (USA)

2019 Redline International Film Festival - Best Animated Short (Canada)

2019 Athens Short Film Festival - Best Animated Short (Greece)

2019 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival (France)

2019 British Animation Film Festival (UK)

2019 Oxford Film Festival (USA)

2019 CalArts Showcase at the REDCAT (USA)

2019 ASIFA-SF Spring 2019 Showcase (USA)
2019 Social Short Film Awards (Portugal)
2019 DC Independent Film Festival (USA)
2019 LA Under the Stars: Film Festival (USA)
2019 TAAFI - Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (Canada)

2019 ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL (Czech Republic)

2019 FEST ANČA (Slovakia)

2019 Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival (Turkey)

2019 Feminist Film Series: Animation Shorts (USA)

2019 We Like 'Em Short - Animation and Comedy Film Festival (USA)

2019 EMAP - Ewha Media Art Presentation (South Korea)

2019 Anibar International Animation Festival (Kosovo)

2019 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Canada)

2019 San Diego Underground Film Festival (USA)

2018 Directed by Women - NYC Shorts of all Sorts (USA)
2018 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival (USA)
2018 Duemila30 Short Film Contest (Italy)

2018 Watford Short Film Festival (UK)
2018 Bucheon International Animation Festival (South Korea)
2018 SUNDAY SHORTS Film Festival (UK)
2018 Asia South East-Short Film Festival (Cambodia)
2018 Queen Palm International Film Festival (USA)


  • 회색 인스 타 그램 아이콘
  • 회색 메오 아이콘
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